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Our Story

We met in the late 90’s at a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP and we soon became adventure companions, in Dungeon & Dragons and in the less exciting real life.

Throughout our college life routine of late night to break of down roleplaying gaming, there was a lot of “substance” abuse going on: we would drink a lot (both alcohol and sugary sodas – no water ever touched our lips), smoke a lot, and eat a diet based on pizza, chips and deep fried stuff every single day. This went on for many, many years. Ahh, the metabolism of the youth. We sorely miss it.

Slowly but surely, we started feeling that if we wanted to keep enjoying life we’d have to to something about our habits. First we stopped smoking. Then we started working out. And very late after that, we dropped our snack only diet and started looking into options.

We tried caloric restriction diets. They work for a while, but if you are hungry all the time and can’t have anything nice then what’s the point in living?

After many ups and downs we found keto and did not look back. We both had our own amazing results from it, apart from only losing weight. We feel and look better now in our 40’s than we did in our 20’s. We are passionate about our new lifestyle, and our goal now is to share everything we did to achieve success so you can do it too. It’s so much easier than you think. You just need to make the choice. Believe in yourself!

Larping baby vampire us, circa 1998

Pris is an Ecology BSc and sports nutritionist. She trains fueled by fat and develops keto recipes with a high protein focus.

Like Colonel O’Neill, the first question I’d make whenever I was invited to a gathering was, Will there be cake? – Not really, I’d ask about cake only when it was expected. I used to actually inquire about any free food in general.

I honestly don’t know how I managed to remain reasonably slender for most of my life. I’d eat like an anime character that had just saved Earth from certain annihilation. But as I got older I started losing my special power. And my health started getting worse. I was always coming down with something, and suffered with hormonal problems that brought me a lot of dark emotions and pain. It was time to update my system.

I started feeling better, stronger physically and mentally with a heavy weight lifting routine. With my lifelong dream of doing chin ups like Sarah Connor turned reality, I felt empowered to start intermittent fasting and keto, both which I had researched tons about but was a little scared to commit.

If only I’d knew that the decades of hating my body for all the bad stuff it had put me through would be fixed with these simple lifestyle changes. It’s just incredible. I’m a new person, and I actually enjoy being in my skin now. Strong keto me is awesome!

I have been lucky enough to visit and taste wonderful food in over 50 countries, so my recipes will not only focus on high protein keto (for the gains!) but also on keto versions of my favorite international dishes.

I cherish the opportunity of sharing with you my love for cooking and photography and I hope to help making keto as easy and delicious for you as it is for us!

It’s oddly satisfying for me to just have you trying my recipes. Like I’m spreading the good, and things. Thank you.

Daniel is living proof that a natural bodybuilder can still grow muscle after 40 – and that keto body recomposition works.

I was born in the 80’s, the golden era of sugary treats. Throughout my childhood I was over-fed by a loving and caring grandmother, a typical Italian nona, who thought that I needed to be chubby to look healthy. Despite her best efforts, it was only when my body stopped growing upwards that it began to grow sidewise. Before I knew it, I was carrying around thirty extra kilos of blubber.

Fast forward to the early 2000s. I had just quit medical school to become a lawyer (yes, weird I know), and exercising was not in my mindset back then. However, I was not happy with the body I had. I decided to go for the weigh watchers diet, heavily restricting calories. It worked wonders, but I lost a lot of muscle mass too. When I was chubby I could at the very least do one or two chin-ups. After the diet even that was impossible. And I was hungry all the time. Ravenous. On the day I found out that I lost the few muscles I had, I immediately stopped dieting. Soon after I found the kilos that I had lost…

That needed to change. I quit several bad habits and began to workout. However, college and BAR exams, followed by moving to another city, finding a job, loosing a job, creating my own practice… All those things occupied my mind so much I couldn’t find the will to workout and eat properly, no matter how much I tried.

I’d still hit the gym at least 4 times a week, but I was always tired, I ate badly and slept about 5 hours a day. Looking back, I finally understand why I was always cranky. It was only a few years ago that I managed to start eating right and sleeping my 7 to 8 hours per night. 

I began to count my macros and, to my surprise, I was eating too many carbs and not enough protein. The moment I changed that, muscles started to pop. Yet I was still fat, even eating the recommended amount of calories. It was then I decided try keto.

One year later, my weight was the same, but my body composition went from 19% of body fat to 8.5%. All thanks to keto. No cutting calories and eating food that I like. It was not a diet, it was a lifestyle. Keto is so simple, I still bang my head on the wall for not doing it before. 


  1. Thank you for the love Catherine 😊 we try to make healthier versions of everything we like, because it really sucks when you have to choose between eating healthy and eating delicious, when we can have both. I hope you like the cookies!

  2. I’ve just come across your website after returning from England and enjoying my Scottish shortbread, knowing that I can’t eat too much of it even though I want to. So I searched for a healthy recipe and found your site and read your blog. I like you guys and look forward to using your recipe. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. 💕

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