Cinnamon Non Sugar Candied Nuts

The hardest thing about these keto candied nuts is to stop eating! Cinnamon-nom-nom 😋

These crunchy keto cinnamon sugar nuts are perfect as holiday or hosting gifts for your friends, family and co-workers. You can put them either in small mason glass jars or wrap them in cellophane bags, with some cute stickers and colored ribbons.

Keto cinnamon no-sugar candied nuts piled high in a white ramekin.

The fact that these candied nuts are sugar-free is enough to get anyone excited, even if they are not on a keto or low-carb diet. Who doesn’t want some guilt-free indulgence every now and then?

They are perfect to add to recipes, as well. Why use regular nuts in your cakes and brownies, when you can use candied nuts?

The cute keto pumpkin spice mini bundt cake you can see on the pictures throughout this post was already amazing with only the shiny keto cream cheese icing, but sprinkling these crushed keto candied nuts on top took it to a whole new realm of sticky and crunchy deliciousness!

Ingredients for the keto cinnamon non-sugar candied nuts

Nuts – You can use any single nut or mix of nuts you prefer! It’s a great way to use up nut left-overs (if that’s even a thing). For my keto candied nut mix recipe I added a little bit of every nut I had in the pantry: there’s walnuts, pecans, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamias and peanuts. Yes… peanuts. Why not?

Crushed sugar-free candied nuts being sprinkled over a keto pumpkin pie spice mini bundt cake covered in cream cheese frosting.

Although not technically a nut, peanuts are a cheap and delicious option as well. I had some left, skin on, from my keto spiced boiled peanuts recipe. When boiled, peanuts are similar in taste and texture to sweet potatoes, it’s crazy. If you miss sweet potatoes on keto go and check it out!

Egg white – an egg white beaten to stiff peaks is the base of the coating

Powdered keto sweetener – Powdered sweetener, like confectioners Swerve, is very important for uniform coating. You can use granulated sweetener, but the candied coating will not stick as well.

If you just have granulated sweetener, it’s easy to powder it yourself: just add it to the (very dry!) jar of a blender and pulse it for a few seconds. Wait for the powder to settle before opening the jar. Done!

I used my homemade erythritol stevia blend, which is as sweet as sugar. Pure erythritol has only 70% of sugar’s sweetness. You can make your own, or buy keto baking sweeteners already blended, with either stevia or monk fruit. For this recipe, as the crunchy is a major factor, it’s better to stick with erythritol. Xylitol might take a long while to crunch up after baking.

A white ramekin filled with keto cinnamon no-sugar candied nuts.

Spices – A generous amount of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, vanilla extract and, optional but highly recommended: organic blackstrap molasses. It is a natural sugar, but with only one fourth of a teaspoon for the whole recipe the macros are barely affected and the flavor boost is really amazing.

Organic blackstrap molasses adds a burnt sugar dimension that we can’t get from simple white erythritol, and it’s much cheaper than using brown keto sweetener. You can leave it out if you prefer, or just use a brown or golden keto sweetener for a similar result.

Optional: Whey protein! – As you probably have noticed, I am all for sneaking protein into every recipe possible. You’d think that this simple keto cinnamon sugar mixed nuts would be different… but no! I couldn’t resist. I had to make half of the batch adding whey protein.

The difference: in the end, pretty much unnoticeable. The candied nuts coated in the mix that takes protein powder seemed a to get a better coverage, but by a very small margin. The color is slightly lighter, and they have a resemblance of a milky taste.

A hand full of keto cinnamon sugar-free candied nut mix.

I don’t think that anyone would be able to tell the difference on a blind tasting test. Or even non-blind, as you can see, in the pictures the sugar-free candied nuts are all mixed up and even I can’t really tell the difference. So, do as you please! Both variations of this keto candied nuts recipe are incredibly awesome, crunchy and delicious.

What are the most keto friendly nuts

To help you choose the best nuts for this keto candied nuts recipe, I separately calculated the net carbs of several nuts options. I pulled the nutrition facts for this table from the USDA database, and rounded the values.

In the USDA database, the term “carbohydrates, by difference” is used. Carbohydrates by difference means, in essence, the total carbs. I subtracted the fiber for the net carb counts, and the result is the list of some of the most common nuts to be candied in a keto friendliness order:

Nut*Net CarbTotal CarbFatProteinCalories
Brazil nuts4126614656

Nut* in the culinary term. Botanically, peanuts are legumes, and pecans, macadamias, walnuts, almonds and cashews are seeds.

Most unfortunately, with the exception of our savior, the peanut, it seems the keto friendliness of nuts generally correlates with how expensive the nuts are, at least where I live. Tastiness, too. Oh, well.

Gluten-free pumpkin pie spice mini bundt cake frosted with cream cheese and topped with cinnamon candied sugar-free crushed nuts.
Our keto pumpkin spice mini bundt cakes, covered in these crushed candied cinnamon nuts.

What are the best nuts to be candied

For the candy mix maximum stickage, nuts that have more nooks and crannies will be better coated and walnuts and pecans are the best in this sense, followed by almonds with the skin on. Skinless nuts don’t keep the candy coating on as well, but they will work, too.

Macadamia nuts are the ones that the coating stuck less to, I guess not only because they are super smooth but also because these little buttery morsels are the highest in fat, at least from the selection on the table below.

How to make the keto cinnamon non-sugar candied nuts

Start up your oven to 150 °C (300 °F). Line a baking tray with parchment or wax paper. Beat the egg white to stiff peaks (1)
Add the keto sweetener (erythritol is best here), cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract and, optionally, black treacle or unsulfured blackstrap molasses for a deeper flavor (2). Beat the mixture until fully combined (3)

Step by step of keto candied nuts recipe preparation.

If you want to make the keto candied nuts in high protein version, the recipe is almost the same. You just need to add two ingredients at step 2, along with the spices: One scoop of whey protein and one tablespoon of water. Mix it up until the whey protein powder is also fully dissolved.

Finally, add the nuts to the egg white spiced concoction, and mix them in, coating them all really well.

Uniformly spread the keto candy coated nuts onto a baking tray covered in parchment or wax paper (6). The pictures 6 and 7 show the before and after baking, and the top row of nuts is the one with whey protein. Notice that they are much lighter in color before they go into the oven, but not that different after baking.

Step by step of keto candied nuts preparation, and their appearance before and after baking.

Take the tray with the keto cinnamon candied nuts into the oven for one hour. Every 15 minutes, take the tray out of the oven and mix the nuts around with a spatula or wooden spoon. Be gentle so you don’t rip the paper.

When the hour is up, take them out of the oven and wait for them to cool down before storing them, in airtight plastic bags or containers. The keto sugar-free candied nuts made with erythritol will crisp up immediately, but will get even crunchier and more irresistible on the next day!

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Keto Cinnamon Non-Sugar Candied Nuts

A hand full of keto cinnamon sugar-free candied nut mix.

These addictive sugar-free cinnamon candied nuts can be made with any of your favorite nuts, or even peanuts! They are the perfect crunchy and sweet keto snack, and make for irresistible homemade gifts!

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes


Option 1: For the cinnamon non-sugar keto candied nuts

  • 250 grams of any one type or mix of nuts
  • 60 grams powdered erythritol (I used erythritol stevia blend)
  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon blackstrap molasses (optional)

Option 2: For the high protein version, also add:

  • 1 scoop of unflavored (or vanilla) whey protein
  • 1 tablespoon of water


    1. Preheat oven to 150 °C (300 °F).
    2. Beat the egg white to stiff peaks
    3. Add the keto sweetener, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract and blackstrap molasses (if using). Mix until fully combined.
    4. If doing the Option 2 with whey protein powder, add one scoop of whey protein powder and a tablespoon of water. Mix it up until the whey is also fully dissolved.
    5. Add the nuts and mix them in, coating them all really well.
    6. Pour the coated nuts onto a baking tray covered in parchment or wax paper. Spread them uniformly .
    7. Take the tray with the keto candied nuts into the preheated oven, for one hour. Every 15 minutes, take the tray out of the oven and mix the nuts around with a spatula or wooden spoon, carefully not to rip the paper.
    8. Take them out of the oven and wait for them to cool down before storing them, in airtight plastic bags or containers.


Nutrition information displayed at the end is calculated for an Option 1 recipe (without whey protein), using pecan nuts. If counting macros, recalculate using your chosen nut or mixed nuts.

Nutrition information for Option 2, with whey protein added: 1 serving: Calories 202 Total Fat 18.3 grams Carbohydrates 4.2 grams Fiber 2.9 grams Sugar 1 grams Protein 5.2 grams Net Carbohydrates 1.3 grams.

Nutrition Information:

Yield: 10 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 190Total Fat: 18gCarbohydrates: 4.1gNet Carbohydrates: 1.2gFiber: 2.9gSugar: 1gProtein: 2.7g

Nutrition information is provided as a guideline only. Different brands of ingredients may have different nutrition facts. If tracking macros, remake the calculations using the nutrition facts from the labels of the ingredients you selected. Net carbs calculated exclude carbs from insoluble fiber and sugar alcohols.

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