Pudim Molotof Caramel Soufflé

The Portuguese Pudim Molotof (or Molotov pudding) is a super easy dessert recipe with only 2 ingredients! It’s a delicate and airy soufflé cake, made with egg whites meringue and topped with caramel. It’s like a marshmallow cloud – in a sugar-free and keto version!

Top view of Portuguese Molotof cloud pudding covered in sugar-free caramel sauce.

A low-calorie dessert

This is not only a keto, sugar-free and gluten-free dessert… The best thing about this molotof cake is that, after removing the sugar from the original Portuguese recipe, all that’s left are egg whites!

So, it has the best macros you can imagine: the sugar-free pudim molotof has nearly 30 grams of protein and only 1.6 net carbs… with 129 calories for the whole thing! Finally a dessert that you don’t need to stop at one slice. Feel free to go to town on this one!

The only 2 ingredients

Can you believe you just need 2 ingredients for this soft cloud cake heaven?

Sure, you need water for the water bath. And you might need some butter to grease the pan if you, like me, have a hard time coating the mold with caramel before it hardens. But still, the pudim molotof recipe itself only takes sweetener and egg whites!

Allulose caramel being poured on top of a slice of keto Molotof flan.

1. Keto sweetener

Allulose is the perfect choice of keto sweetener here, because of it’s sugar-like caramelization powers. You can’t get a caramel like this out of erythritol or xylitol. I tried.

Did you know that allulose not only doesn’t spike insulin, it actually lowers blood sugar level? Our bodies don’t metabolize allulose into glucose, so it’s basically a zero calorie sweetener – which explains the perfect macros of this fluffy meringue soufflé cake.

You don’t need to use allulose again for the meringue (but you can!). Allulose is essential for the caramel, but for the meringue it’s fine to use another keto baking sweetener, like my homemade erythritol blend.

2. Egg whites

I call this a high protein recipe because it’s basically egg whites. You need 8 of them for the meingue. But don’t worry, the yolks won’t go to waste. You can use them in my recipe for Pudim Abade de Priscos, a pork and wine Portuguese flan that’s to die for!

A fluffy slice of Portuguese keto cloud pudding, being cut with a fork, with caramel drizzling down.

How to make

Gather the ingredients and the equipment: The LikeHotKeto molotof dessert is baked in water bath, so you’ll need 2 pans. A larger one to fill with boiling water, and the baking pan to hold the cake.

To ensure that the molotof will bake evenly, use a a tube/bundt style pan (with a hole in the middle). I also recommend using a standing mixer for beating the egg whites if you have one, but any electric mixer will do.

Sugar-free caramel

Start by making the caramel with allulose sweetener, which will line the pan and become the molotof pudding topping.

Collage of pictures showing the allulose melting into caramel, lining of the tube pan and greasing with butter.

Making the keto caramel is as simple as melting the allulose on medium-low heat and letting it boil until it turns golden brown!

Then, quickly line the pan evenly with the melted caramel. Allulose caramel hardens up faster than sugar, so you need some ninja skills here.

If you can’t make it while it’s still runny and there are some spots in the pan missing caramel, just get some plain unsalted butter and grease those, so the molotof won’t have anywhere to stick.

Slice of sugar-free Portuguese Molotof meringue flan.

I made the keto caramel swirling the allulose inside the tube cake pan, directly on top of the stove. I found it was easier because the caramel is already where it’s supposed to be, and I didn’t have to wash one extra pot. BUT my bundt pan is really cheap and simple, and the stove I used is electric – so no contact with fire.

If you have a fancy bundt pan and/or a gas stove you probably should melt the allulose in a casserole first, then transfer the melted caramel to line the molotof cake pan while hot.

You can see detailed step by step pictures of allulose caramel boiling in a pan in my Portuguese pork & wine Priscos flan recipe.

Molotof cake

For this simpler Portuguese pudim molotof recipe all you have to do is beat the egg whites with keto sweetener until stiff and glossy. There’s another version, in which you make extra caramel and mix some into the egg whites. But this one is easier 😉

Collage shows the stiff and glossy egg white peaks, the meringue inside the pan and the baked pudding still in the mold.

Add the egg whites to your mixer bowl, and start on beating on low until they get foamy. Increase to medium for a few minutes until soft peaks form. Then, while mixing, start adding the sweetener slowly, tablespoon by tablespoon.

Increase the speed to medium-high and beat for about 5-7 minutes more, until the whites form stiff peaks, but are still super shiny and glossy. The cue is seeing the little points that don’t fall, but just gently bow, like you see in the picture above.

Using a spatula and some patience, spread the meringue inside the tube pan lined with caramel. The difficult part is to minimize the pockets of air inside the molotof cake.

Spoon up the meringue and layer inside the pan, pressing down with the spatula as you go to avoid air pockets. Then, tap the pan down against the counter a few times and even out the top.

Top view of a slice of keto Portuguese meringue cloud pudding with a fork on the side.

The Portuguese molotof cake is baked for only 8 minutes in boiling water bath inside a pre-heated oven, but it needs to be kept in the oven with the door closed for (at least) 30 minutes after turning it off., to continue baking gently and avoiding deflating like a soufflé. After this time, it will be set soft and fluffy as a cloud.

You can unmold the keto molotof as soon as it’s cool enough to be handled, but it’s best if you can summon the willpower to refrigerate for a couple of hours before digging in!

Extra tips

Sizing the recipe

You can easily size this recipe: If you want to make a larger molotof, or a smaller one, just remember that you need (at least) 1 tablespoon of sweetener per egg white!

Portuguese meringue pudding topped with sugar-free caramel on a cake platter.

Make it sweeter

This molotof recipe as written was made with a meringue containing 8 egg whites and 8 tablespoons of sweetener. This is the minimum amount for the sugar-free meringue to stiff up, and it’s plain sweet for keto palates.

If you prefer a sweeter dessert, add up to 2 tablespoons of sweetener per egg white.

Watch the baking time

As for baking time, according to Portuguese wisdom you let the molotof cake bake for as many minutes as the amount of whites you used in the recipe: 8 minutes for 8 egg whites, 9 minutes for 9 whites, and so forth.

But always keep an eye on it, as ovens (at least from my experience) are like wild beasts and behave very differently from one another. The minute-per-egg-white rule worked as a charm on my fan forced oven, perfectly pre-heated at 180 °C (355 °F) and with the water bath already boiling.

Tall keto cloud pudding covered in golden caramel.

Don’t open the oven!

When clouds encounter sudden changes in temperature, they rain (not really, it’s my poetic license). When meringue clouds encounter sudden changes in temperature, they deflate. You want it to deflate, but only after it’s inside your mouth. So, what to do?

Don’t peak! The pudim molotof will bake seriously fast for only 8 minutes with the oven on, but the (minimum) of half an hour inside the turned off oven must be with the door closed. At. All. Times.

Top view of Portuguese Molotof cloud pudding covered in sugar-free caramel sauce.

Portuguese Pudim Molotof

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The keto Portuguese pudim molotof is a super soft and airy meringue soufflé cake topped with indulgent caramel. You need only 2 ingredients for this deliciously easy, sugar-free and healthy dessert!
Author: Pris Frank
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Additional Time 30 minutes
Total Time 58 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Portuguese
Servings 8 slices



Cloud Pudding


  • Preheat the oven to 180 °C (355 °F)
  • For the caramel, heat 1/2 cup allulose sweetener over medium-low heat until it melts, mixing with a spatula if needed to get all granules melted. Simmer until it reaches a golden brown/amber color.
  • Remove from heat, and immediately coat the bottom and sides of a 9"or 10" tube pan. If you missed any spots, just grease them well with some unsalted butter, to avoid sticking.
  • Add 8 egg whites to a very clean and dry bowl. Start beating the whites on low until foamy, then increase to medium until soft peaks form – about 5 minutes.
  • With the mixer running, slowly add 8 tablespoons allulose sweetener, one by one. Then, increase the speed to medium-high and keep beating until stiff peaks form, and the meringue is shiny and glossy. It will take about 5-7 minutes more. Be careful not to continue beyond this point, as the meringue loses its shine and might break.
  • Pour the meringue into the caramel covered pan. To avoid air bubbles, spoon the meringue in layers, and press down on it with the spatula. Tap the pan against the corner a few times, and even out the top.
  • Put a larger pan inside the fully pre-heated oven and fill with about 1" of boiling water. Put the tube pan with the meringue inside the water bath, close the oven and bake for 8 minutes.
  • After 8 minutes, turn off the oven and let the molotof pudding rest inside, undisturbed, for (at least) 30 minutes more. Do not open the oven door!
  • Remove the molotof pudding from the oven and unmold while still warm. If needed, release the edges from the sides of the pan with a knife before turning.
  • Chill in the fridge for a for a couple of hours before serving.


Allulose sweetener needs to be used for the caramel, but you can use either allulose or any other keto baking sweetener for the meringue.
This recipe takes the minimum amount of sweetener for the meringue, and it's plenty sweet, but less than a molotof cake made of sugar. If you prefer a sweeter dessert, increase the sweetener up to 2 tablespoons per egg white.
You can make a bigger or smaller molotof cake simply by following this rule: one to two tablespoons of sweetener per egg white, and one minute with the oven on per egg white.
This is a soufflé style cake, so avoid sudden changes in temperature. It's very important to have the oven fully pre-heated, to use boiling water in the water bath, and to keep the oven door closed at least for half an hour after turning it off.


Serving: 1Calories: 16kcalCarbohydrates: 0.2gProtein: 3.6gFat: 0.1gFiber: 0gSugar: 0gNet Carbohydrates: 0.2g
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  1. Lovely dessert! My grandfather is Portuguese and I enjoy making traditional sweets for him, but he’s diabetic now so it’s been hard. Thanks for this recipe, he liked very, very much. It’s going into my repeat list.

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