Get Hot On Keto

Golden vanilla sandwich cookies filled with a delicate pink sugar-free strawberry cream.

Strawberry Cream Sandwich Cookies

These keto and gluten-free strawberry sandwich cookies are beautiful and taste even better than store bought! At less than 1 net carb per cookie, you can eat with no regrets!
Thin keto and gluten-free flax seed cracker.

Flax Meal Cheese Crackers

These ultra-thin and crunchy keto & gluten-free crackers are the best way to carry cheese into your mouth! Easy and quick, they’re full of fiber and can be made dairy-free.
Slices of keto protein bread.

Bodybuilder Chicken Protein Bread

A flourless keto bread that substitutes flour for… chicken breast! Naturally gluten-free, low-carb and low-fat, so you can put your fats ON the bread, not IN it.
Pan fried chicken hearts on a wooden board, served with garlic sauce.

Pan Fried Chicken Hearts

This Brazilian barbecue delicacy in an easy pan fried version is the perfect carnivore keto snack! After you eat a chicken’s heart, nothing else is going to taste like chicken.
Bowl of erythritol stevia blend sugar replacement

The Perfect Keto Sweetener

Erythritol alone: not sweet enough and weird cool taste. Stevia alone: hard to use and bitter. Combine both in the perfect ratio for the best homemade keto 1:1 sweetener!
Keto sernik Polish cheesecake.

Sernik Polish Cheesecake

Try our keto version of sernik: the most loved Polish dessert! It’s made with creamy twaróg, Polish farmer’s cheese, and it has a delicate taste and heavenly aroma.
A big slice of keto olive oil and orange upside down cake.

Orange & Olive Oil Upside Down Cake

An impossibly moist and fluffy inverted pound cake, thanks to the substitution of butter for extra virgin olive oil. Gluten-free, sugar-free & keto!

Flexible Flax & Pea Protein Tortilla Wraps

These keto and gluten-free Mexican tortilla wraps are super easy to make by hand, without any dairy, eggs or nuts. They are soft, versatile and high in protein and fiber.
A crystal glass with keto sugar-free cacao liqueur.

Sugar-free Homemade Chocolate Liqueur

This keto chocolate liqueur made from cacao nibs is a super easy DIY recipe to get you started on the wonderful world of near ZERO carb liqueurs. Free macro drinking!
Piled up nama green tea chocolate squares.

Royce’ Matcha Nama Chocolate

You miss Japanese nama chocolate on keto – or never tried? Fear not. Here, I show you how to make your own nama matcha, a heavenly sugar-free green tea chocolate.
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